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Piggy Litter Boxes
"Neat, Easy, Clean & Fun!"

If you have Guinea Pigs you know they like to poop in corners.  You also know they like to snooze in this same general area.  So why not take advantage of that fact and place a Piggy Litter Box in their favorite corner.  Your guinea pig will use his litter box for most of his 'business', eliminating in the corner of the box, while using a special area for snoozing!


  • (1) Litter Box:  coroplast box (small 12"x12"x2" or large 12"x26"x2"), cut, scored & ready to assemble (simply tape up corners).

  • (1)  Litter-Liner:  A 3-layered, washable,  mini-spread that lines the Litter Box:

  • 1st layer:   soft & colorful fleece wicks away urine from the surface into the middle layer.

  • 2nd layer:  Super-absorbent textile designed to absorb 10 times its weight in urine.

  • 3rd layer  A premium grade waterproof barrier fabric designed to prevent leaks.

How It Works:

  • Place your Piggy Litter Box in a corner of your cage. 

  • Lift out box 1-2 times a day and sweep out droppings and hair. 

  • After 1 week, or as often as you like, remove the litter liner and wash in your washer and dry on low-med heat in your dryer, or line dry.

Benefits of Piggy Litter Boxes:

  • Easy to clean up after your piggy

  • Most of your piggy's droppings end up in the litter box

  • Your Piggy stays cleaner and drier

  • Piggies Love their special new area

  • Beautifies your cage

  • Piggy Litter-Liners come in your choice of fleece designs (see fabric selections)

  • When used correctly, Piggy Litter Boxes create cleaner more sanitary environment

  • Durable and washable

  • All components designed to hold up to hundreds of weekly washings.

  • No exposed coroplast for piggy to chew on


Piggy Litter Box System
(Ships in 7-10 Business Days)


Fabric Selection:

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Fabric Selection (click image to enlarge)



Electric Blue

Lime Green

Medium Pink

Navy Blue
Bubble Duck
Bubble Duck
Litter Box for Guinea Pigs
Tossed Dinosaur
Leopard Skin
Baby Teddy Pink
Baby Teddy Pink
Socky Monkey
Sockey Monkey
Litter Box for Guinea Pigs
Monkeys and Bananas
Dong Bones
Dog Bones
Friendly Pups
Friendly Pups
London Plaid Camel
London Plaid
Blue Camo
Blue Camo
Paws Light Blue
Paws Light
Stewart Plaid Red
Stewart Plaid
Black Watch Plaid
Black Watch
Marsh Camo
Marsh Camo
Big Dino
Big Dino

Green Camo
Litter Box for Guinea Pigs
Zebra Parade


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