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Piggy Potty Pads
"A place to Park & Pee!"

 A Piggy Potty Pad is a pillow composed of 2 layers of anti-microbial batting sandwiched between 2 layers of fleece, and are designed to promote fast flow of urine through the layers and into the bedding below.  The extra loft promotes airflow for maximum surface dryness & cushiony comfort.   Use one side for a couple days, then flip it over and use the other side for a couple days.  Place one under a Cozy Curtain or anywhere your piggy loves to lounge.  Piggy Potty Pads come in 2 sizes: small - 12"x12" and Large - 12"x 27".  Pre-made Potty Pads have a delightful print on one side and a contrasting solid on the other. 

Potty Pads
(Ships in 10-14 Business Days)


Fabric Selection:

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Fabric Selection (click image to enlarge)

Chevron and Orange Potty Pad
Chevron &

Color Bug and Raspberry

Gumball Black & Electric Blue

Peace & Medium Pink

Puzzle & Lime

Flutter Pink and Raspberry

Sockey Monkey and Brown

Big Dino and Lime
Marsh Camo
Marsh Camo &

Black Watch Plaid &
Duck Bubble
Bubble Duck &
Electric Blue
Friendly Pups
Friendly Dogs &

Blue Camo & Navy

London Plaid Camel
& Black
Paws Light Blue
Paws Light Blue &
Electric Blue
Stewart Plaid Red
Stewart Plaid Red &
Leopard and Black
Dog Bones
Dog Bones and

Butterfly Heart Song &
Pueblo and Purple Potty Pad
Pueblo &



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