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"Bedding Made Better!"

Featured Product:

Piggy BedSpreads
(Patent Pending, US 61/264,371)

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The Ultimate bedding system
for use with Cube and Coroplast Cages!

A Piggy BedSpread is a washable, reusable, absorbent 'bed-spread' made of  3 exclusive components sewn together to create a custom fitted bedding system.  Piggy BedSpreads are designed for use with Cube and Coroplast Cages (C&C), Super Pet, Midwest Guinea Habitat, & Marchioro brand cages, but can be customized to fit almost any guinea pig or small animal cage!  This bedding system is a great alternative to costly and consumable bedding products such as Carefresh, Oxbow Eco-Straw or Aspen shavings.

How the System Works

  • Layer #1: The top layer of a Piggy BedSpread is soft & colorful fleece which wicks away urine from the surface into the absorbent layer below, keeping your piggies dry.  This layer covers the cage floor and hugs and covers all 4 walls (inside & out) and keeps your guinea pig from chewing the cage tray or burrowing under the bedding.
  • Layer 2:   A super-absorbent textile which absorbs 10 x it's weight
  • Layer 3:  A premium grade waterproof fabric which prevents leaks and seepage into the cage tray, making clean up that much easier.



Featured Rescue
Oswego County
Guinea Pig Rescue

"Your donation is very much appreciated.  Help us to serve and find loving homes for the piggies in our care"
Jennifer Johnson,

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