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Piggy BedSpreads
(Patent Pending, US 61/264,371)
"Bedding Made Better!"

Piggy BedSpread in C&C Cage

A Piggy BedSpread is a washable, absorbent 'bed-spread' made of 3 exclusive components combined to create the first ever reusable bedding system.  Piggy BedSpreads are designed for use with Cube and Coroplast cages (C&C Cage), Super Pet and Midwest Guinea Habitat cages, but we can customize them to fit almost any guinea pig or small animal cage!  This bedding system is a great alternative to costly disposable bedding products such as Carefresh, pine shavings or pellets

Start by Selecting your cage type
C&C Cage
C&C Cage with Piggy BedSpread
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Super Pet Cage

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Midwest Guinea Habitat Cage

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Benefits of using Piggy BedSpreads

  • EASY to change!
  • Huge $$ savings compared to disposable bedding products!
  • NO more dusty wood shavings kicked on the floor!
  • Withstands hundreds of washings!
  • Colorful and stimulating! Did you know your piggie sees in color?
  • Fleece and soaker layer are quilted together to prevent bunching when sweeping poops.
  • Keeps all droppings on the surface for easy clean up!
  • Simply sweep up poops daily.


  • Wash & dry the bedding weekly (or more often if you have multiple piggies).
  • PiggyBedSpreads reduce pet odor!
  • Your piggy will LOVE the soft & dry surface!
  • Makes your ho-hum cage a boutique cage!
  • No exposed coroplast means your piggies won't chew their cage.
  • Piggies show their delight by pop-corning, running laps, and eventually sprawling out on their spread!

Watch a video that demonstrates how wonderful this exciting product is:


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