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These are the same great Piggy Play Mats that you know and love, made in our choice of fleece and offered to you at deep discounts.  Clearance Piggy Play Mats may be made using discontinued fabrics, but are a incredible value for the price.  Grab one today and surprise yourself and your piggies.

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Piggy Play Mat (no grids included)

The Piggy Play Mat comes without grids for those of you who already have a Piggy Play Pen and just want to have another Play Mat in a new, exciting print.  Or, perhaps you put together your own Play Pen with 14″x14″ grids and zip ties, and you just want the Play Mat to go with it.  Each Piggy Play Mat is approximately 59″  in diameter and features a beautiful, soft fleece surface, absorbent middle layer, & waterproof  bottom to protect your floors.

The Piggy Play Mat is great way to give your guinea pig time to run around in wide open spaces. When your piggy has access to this much space you’ll be amazed at how much they really do run!

*Please do not use the Piggy Play Mat without surrounding it with grids to keep your piggies safe and protected.

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Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in