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Spacious & Spectacular!

Do you have other pets in the house and worry about them getting into your guinea pig’s C&C Cage? Here’s the perfect solution! Our Safe-Pet Cages keeps your other pets out and also help keep unsupervised little hands from pestering your piggies. Our cage lid is superior to other clunky, heavy, and hard to assemble lids, and they clip easily to the grids. Safe-Pet Lids come in two colors, charcoal and light grey. Please note that since guinea pigs are not climbers, Safe-Pet Lids are only needed for keeping your guinea pigs safe from unwanted intruders.

Our Safe-Pet Lids are custom made using the best materials to insure your guinea pig’s safety. Made of vinyl coated fiberglass mesh, our lids are made to fit snuggly using mini-bungee hooks that easily fasten and unfasten to the cage.

We offer the best in guinea pig cages at the very best prices! Compatible with Piggy BedSpreads, our habitats provide the ideal environment for your guinea pig, allowing for excellent ventilation, maximum visibility, and the space required for your guinea pig to run and be healthy. Our cages are made from components called “cube and coroplast” or C&C cages. The grids are made from storage cube components and the coroplast is made of lightweight corrugated plastic . All of our cages come as kits with everything you need to build the perfect habitat.

With Each Cage you will get

  • The grids to make the cage walls
  • Connectors to connect the grids together
  • A supply of zip ties (cable ties) to reinforce the grid connections (optional)
  • A coroplast tray, cut and scored
  • A ramp if ordering a cage with a loft
  • Safe-Pet Lid
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Simply snap the cage walls together using the connectors and then place the plastic tray inside. It’s just that easy!

Available in 6 Different Standard Sizes, 2 Grid Colors & 7 Tray Colors

  • 2×3 Grid C&C Cage: (30″x44″ Assembled) – Ideal for 1 guinea pig (Compatible with a 2×3 Piggy BedSpread)
  • 2×3.5 Grid C&C Cage: (30″x54″ Assembled) – Ideal for 1 to 2 guinea pigs (Compatible with a 2×3.5 Piggy BedSpread)
  • 2×4 Grid C&C Cage: (30″x60″ Assembled) – Ideal for 2 to 3 guinea pigs (Compatible with a 2×4 Piggy BedSpread)
  • 2×5 Grid C&C Cage: (30″x76″ Assembled) – Ideal for 2 to 4 guinea pigs (Compatible with a 2×5 Piggy BedSpread)
  • 2×6 Grid C&C Cage: (30″x90″ Assembled) – Ideal for 2 to 5 guinea pigs (Compatible with a 2×6 Piggy BedSpread)

Benefits of Safe-Pet Lids Include

  • Super-Strong Mesh Fabric
  • Fully Assembled
  • Easy to Install, Open & Close
  • Light Weight
  • Great Visibility
  • Great Ventilation


Please note that we can not accept returns of cages that have been assembled.  This is because we can’t restock and resell the grids because they will have small impressions or tears in the vinyl coating, and the connectors will lose some of the gripping strength.

Additional information

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