I just wanted to follow up. We received our set up on Thursday, 2 days ago. I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or the adults. We immediately followed the instructions and began the first washing of the bedspread. We completed the construction last night and put the piggies in their new home. I can’t tell you how much my heart was warmed last night by watching them enjoy their new home. I call it their mansion. We have only had our piggies a little over 3 weeks and I knew as soon as we got them that the cages offered at the pet stores were not adequate living spaces for our new family pets which is why we started searching and ultimately found you. I cried tears of joy last night watching them frolic around their new home.  Thank you for building an amazing product!

Glendale, AZ

I wanted to let you know what a happy Piggy Bedspread customer I am! I ordered 2 fleece bedspreads 3 months ago for my piggy Lily to give them a try. My 4 lbs Lily is a special piggy. She’s what is called a “cuy” mix that is more nervous and gets bigger than regular piggies. She has the nervous habit of drinking a lot of water, so Carefresh wasn’t cutting it (constant spot cleaning of wet areas). These Piggy Bedspreads are AMAZING! Despite her drinking problem Lily’s bedspreads actually last a full week! I do get a little help from odor remover spray to keep the cage smelling fresh, and since her poops are about twice the normal size I chose darker colors for the bedspreads which hide them nicely between spot cleaning. It goes without saying that Lily LOVES her fleece!!! She’s noticeably much cheerier, chattier, and active now that her cage is consistently dry, and now that I no longer make her nervous by constantly having to tak
e out wet Carefresh from her cage. I LOVE the fleece because it’s such a breeze to spot clean Lily’s cage every day and doing the full clean every week, and because her cage is such a delight to look at. So I’m overjoyed, and just ordered bedspreads for my 2 other piggies!!!

Santee, CA

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with our new goodies! My family is new to guinea pigs. We read all about how great fleece was. I figured I could either make a liner myself for cheap or just lay out some fleece and be done. After only 2 loooong weeks, I realized there must be a better way. I ordered 2×5 and 2×2 bedspreads and a cozy curtain. Not only were my bedspreads MUCH easier to use, they looked awesome! The piggies were popcorning within minutes! My cozy curtain arrived in a separate shipment. After taking up our “hut” and placing the curtain, they began popcorning within seconds! I have to say, between the ease of use and the response of my piggies I realize the cost is well worth it! Thank you for the great products, and your timely response to my emails prior to my order, as well as your quick shipping! I will definitely be recommending your products!

Vineland, NJ

Thank you so much from a loyal piggy bedspread customer. I have a 2by2 and a 4by2 piggy C and C cage with piggy bedspreads for my three guinea pigs. We have four little piggy bedspread items in the cages as well. Now my senior bunny Aurora is using piggy bedspreads because she can’t use her litter box anymore. This set up has quite literally helped keep her alive. (Without absorbent material for her to sit on she had bad urine scald). And the soft material and bright colors of your products are loved by all. I, as mommy to five little ones, love the ease of maintenance and cleaning. It’s definitely better than litter for piggies, since it requires less work and it reduces piggy smelliness. Thank you so much for making our lives better!

Astoria, NY

Hello there! I recently ordered a c and c cage from you, and I just wanted to say how satisfied I am. The shipping was fast (I received it 6 days after ordering), the cage was super easy to set up, and my piggies love it! I was hesitant to make the cage on my own since I’m flimsy with a box cutter, and your cage was $10 cheaper than the ones on other websites. I am extremely happy with your speedy process and the product. Keep up with wonderful work, definitely planning on ordering more from you guys!

Ann Arbor, MI

The goodies from you arrived yesterday and I set up the new cage as soon as I got home from work. It took about an hour (including cleaning the old cage) and was really simple to do. It looks absolutely fantastic and for the first time EVER we’ve seen Jack (the smaller piggy) lounging!! They both popcorned and zoomed about like mad, they really love the place! Thank you SO much for the beautiful bedspreads and also the cocoon and tunnel (they particularly love the tunnel!). The bedspreads are a perfect fit and I’m actually really glad you ran out of the lettuce green because the “color bug” bedspread looks fabulous! The coroplast tray was really easy to install too. Feel free to use the pictures on your website!! Hurley is the big piggy and Jack is the baby. Thanks again!! I will DEFINITELY be recommending you to all my friends and anyone thinking of getting a guinea pig!!

Redwood City, CA

Love the cozy cocoons for our two piggies, Bella and Luna. It is perfect in that they get a comfy cozy hiding place, but we can still see them and interact with them! Thank you! Very nice quality as well. (attached is a picture of the girls in their cocoons- the first picture of the honey and black aby is Bella, the second picture of the black and white American is Luna, and the third is of both of them)

Corvallis, OR

Here are some photos of Henry and Shane on their new piggy bedspreads – they seem to enjoy the spread and I know that I can appreciate the fact that it is easier to clean! Now, I think that I need to order a potty pad or piggy litter box to see if that will help confine their toliet habits more to one area.

Glenn ,
Troy, NY

I just recieved my bedspreads in the mail today and I must say they are beautiful. I never though such a wonderful product could exist. I put the bedspread in Carmel and Peanut’s cage after they came in the mail and as soon as I took them out of their cage they knew something exciting was up because they started weeping and running around watching me clean the paper bedding out of the cage and put in the bed spread. When I put them back in they started chirping and running around like crazy. I must compliment you, you have such a wonderful product and the craftsmanship is excellent. I have included some pictures of my cage and Carmel and Peanut enjoying their newly renovated home and you are more than welcome to post them on your website.
Thank you so much (I’m sure I’ll be contacting you in the future for more products),

Neenah, WI

I want to thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I calculated it and found that buying four Piggy Bedspreads costs a ton less in the long run than wasting money on bedding (and we tried every type of bedding out there- not comfortable, dusty, poor odor control, splinters, wasteful). I even considered making something like this myself and found that it would have cost me a ton of money and time. I feel so lucky to have found your web site. I bought four bedSpreads which we are rotating weekly with daily spot cleaning. Cleaning the cage takes a fraction of the time, the colors hide stool and urine, the odor isn’t bad and best of all we are no longer tracking bedding all over our apartment! Our pigs LOVE the soft feel, popcorning for the first time and running all over the cage the second we placed them into their new C&C colorplast cage. Piggy and Buttercup used to hide in her houses most of the day and always ended up moving the bedding so by the end of the day they were sitting straight on the cage base, not comfortable or sanitary. Not anymore! They are way more active, happy and comfortable than I could have imagined.
Thank you so much for an amazing product. I have already recommended this product to friends and brag about it to everyone!

Bronx, NY

Hi Martha,
They arrived today—Christmas in October! I am so impressed with your workmanship. They couldn’t be more gorgeous!
Wheek, wheek!

Mary Ellen,
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Tim and Martha,
I received my bedspreads today. I am amazed and thrilled at how beautiful they are. The picture of the fabric did not do it justice and your work is wonderful. I have already washed them and put them in the cage. My piggies LOVE them!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I will be returning for more.

Ashdown, AR

I am really impressed! I just stick a smaller box in the corner with hay and food/water…and my little girl only goes to the bathroom in there, so the fleece stays clean for so long. She likes it so much better than itchy hay bedding and she has been running from one side to the other all day since I put it in. I foster guinea pigs for a rescue, and I will be ordering some more in the very near future for their cages as well (as soon as I decide which size I need). Some of them have had such a hard life and they definitely deserve some snuggly fleece to relax on. I am also a vet student and you can be sure I have been singing your praises to the exotics department here. They are going to start recommending your bedspreads to our clients if they ask about bedding, so I’d better get my order in before you are swamped!

Vet Student

I put the Piggy Bed Spread on today and the first thing I said was where has this been my entire life. It is amazing. It goes on in minutes, fits perfectly, looks adorable and the pigs LOVE it. I LOVE it. You have a fantastic talent and your work is amazing. The pigs usually hang out on the upper level when I change the cage and stay put until they know I am done, but tonight as soon as I put the piggy bed spread down they came running down the ramp and would not let me finish. So the litter box will go in tomorrow. The piggy pouches are a huge hit. So I can not thank you enough. I am 27 years old, live alone and work 2 jobs. I love my pigs and keeping a clean cage is a top priority of mine. The piggy bed spread cut my cage changing time in more than half. I would say I saved a good 45 min and in my life that is A LOT. Thank you so much. I will be spreading the word about these awesome products.

Albany, NY

Hi there! The bed spread, pad and curtains fit my 2×4 C/C cage perfectly! They are so well made and the fleece is very soft and beautiful. I had no idea that the popcorning of happy pigs would be so instant! My pigs ran around popcorning immediately and are especially smitten with the curtains and pads which make the perfect, luxurious hideway for them. My pigs and I love our new bed spreads.

Annapolis, MD

Just wanted to let you know how much WE ALL love the piggy spreads. I love not seeing shavings/paper bedding all over my daughters floor! She keeps his cage really clean now… and most importantly, MOOSE LOVES them! He gets so excited when we put a fresh one on, running and pop corning all over. He is getting really good about using his litter box for almost all urinating and quite a bit of poop, so keeping the cage clean is a breeze.
Thanks so much!

Houston, TX

I can’t even believe you!! The bedspreads turned out just beautiful (and by some grace of God they actually camouflage the poos!). And the curtains…that is such an amazing innovation. I have never seen those before and absolutely love them. Rusty is a huge fan – he’s my newest guy so he likes to hide. He goes right in sits on those amazingly soft pads you constructed 🙂 I am now wishing I had a sewing machine of my own! Thank you also for the beautiful waterproof blanket; the number of t-shirts that get thrown in the wash from me getting peed on is momentous (my own fault for not protecting myself, nonetheless). What you did is so over the top, I can’t thank you enough. I am going to go onto guinea lynx today and sing praises about your amazing products and refer all the users to you! When springtime comes along I will probably want more of a summery pattern, so I’ll know where to find you 🙂

Chicago, IL

Can I HUG you? I love everything you have made for my pigs, Herman & Spike! OMG They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait till my piggies get to play on it! Awesome work! I love it but my piggies love it more! Very professional! Nice sized cozy hide for my pigs.

Gulfport, MS

Oh my gosh Martha I LOVE the bedding and pad-you are amazing. It is done very professionally and better then I thought. The only bad thing is that I got so excited I just put it in her cage and forgot to wash it. Just had to do it. It is so colorful and cheery. Thank you so much.

Delta, CO

The answer to messy bedding problems! Soft, colorful, the pigs LOVE IT! The Cozy Curtains are perfect to maximize cage floor space and give them a cozy and colorful house! Very quickly made for custom preparation! Love it! Perfect for guinea pigs in the lap! Very quick shipping.

Cayuga, NY

Words cannot say how much I love them!! Phenomenal…thank you so much!! Another wonderful product and transaction! Thank you so very much! As always, beautiful and well made. Thanks again!

Ripon, CA

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Piggies happy & it fit our cage w/o problems.

Houston, TX

I just want to say that the piggy bedspreads are the most fabulous idea ever!! I love not having little pieces of litter all over my floor & the fact that i can just throw them in the washer & reuse is great!! my piggy’s are in “piggy heaven”! They seem much happier now. And on changing day, they get so excited. I had a pouch for my pregnant pig & she loved sleeping ON it all day. Her babies loved sleeping in it. I gave the pouch to a friend when she took the babies. I tell all my piggy friends about your product. You did such an amazing job!! I could never have dreamed how much me & the piggy’s would love the spreads. Everyone who see’s the spreads are amazed. They truly brighten up the cage as well as the room. I LOVE THEM!!!

Holly A.
Arvada, CO

I have 2Piggie Bedspreads and HIGHLY recommend them. I could be their poster girl!! Let me proclaim the wonders of Piggie Bedspreads! I have had 2 of them since December. I use one per week and switch when I do the full cage cleaning. I have the ladybug with black sides and the dolphins with light blue sides. I prefer the ladybug one simply because the darker colors show less staining. Having said this, I soaked the dolphin one in Oxi Clean last week and it came out like a dream. I brush the cage 1-2 times a day. It is much easier than when I just had fleece. The covering stays put. Before washing, I give a good brush to it. Then I take it outside and finish giving it a brush into the front garden bed. The backing gives the fleece support and makes it much easier. Throw it into the wash and voila! All done. It’s as easy as it looks on their video on ebay.
I am in Canada on the opposite coast. The Whitings were pleasant and wonderful to deal with. Everything was exactly as advertised. My cage sits in a formal dining room. The bedspreads class up the look of the cage. They are aesthetically and functionally wonderful. If you have the means, the Piggie Bedspreads are an excellent investment./blockquote>


Hi Guys!
We put the cage together this weekend and what a blast it was! The bedding and plastic fit perfect and look awesome! Dash & Popeye immediately love their surprise present. I am in awe at how easy it is now to clean their cage! Cannot believe we lived a different life! Thank you so much for everything! It is so nice to have such a wonderful home for our piggies!! Hope you can use these photos. I can take different ones, if these don’t’ turn out. Thanks again and we definitely will be in touch for more bedding.

Windsor, CO

Thank you for the pouch – the colors are perfect! I just have to figure out how I can explain how amazing these are and what a great seller you are … (that is why I am sending you this long email)!
I can’t get over how well made these are. It was so much more than what I expected. You have a great product. I hope you are patenting these. You have no idea how much time you have saved me when it comes to cleaning the cage. You gave me my Saturday mornings back, not to mention a half an hour every evening when I come home from work! And the money I will save on bedding!
When we adopted our guinea pigs from a home that couldn’t take care of them anymore, they were very frightened and weren’t used to human contact anymore (the previous owners told me that they didn’t even take them out of their cage for months before we took them). They also were in a pet store cage that wasn’t even a large size for a pet store. Once we got their new big cage they started to get a tiny bit friendlier. Then after getting these covers, I swear they are so happy to be on something soft and clean that they stopped hiding in their houses all the time and talk to us every day, especially to let me know they need more food! I had no idea how much poop must have been hidden in the old bedding that I didn’t see until we put the covers on. I clean it every day and it takes 5 minutes or less! I’m sure you have heard all of this before, but I can’t say enough!
I will be in touch soon to get covers for our upstairs cage that we will need to use when the weather gets warmer and downstairs gets to hot for them.
I can’t say thank you enough! I would go on and on, but I guess I should get back to work!
Thank you!

Stanford CT

Well Martha I just received my Piggy bedspreads and I love everything, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect job! I also want to thank you for the pouch my piggies loved it, they loved it so much I’m going to have to order another one from you, they don’t want to share! Your work is amazing I knew it was going to be worth it!!!

Coachella, CA

I just wanted to write you and tell you that I love your piggy bedspread! It works great. It is so much easier to have/use the bed spread than the paper bedding. Now when my piggy’s run in their cage, I don’t have bedding all over the floor. I wanted to send you a couple of picture of Ethel and Lucy in their new home. Thanks so much again!

Germantown, WI

Hi Martha and Tim,
I have finally gotten around to putting the cage together. I have attached some pictures. Since I already purchased two 2 X 5 cages, I decided to use both of them. I put the coroplast trays side by side and cut holes in the sides for my piggies to run from one side to the other. So now they have one big 5 by 4 cage. They love everything especially the curtain hideouts. I love everything too. Everything washes very nicely. Thanks for everything. I am so glad I came across your website. My piggies are too. I’ve never seen them popcorn this much. Their names are Oscar (black and white) and Felix (multi-colored).

Slidell, LA

Thank you so much for our Piggybedspreads. We love them and Pixar does to. I was stressing out trying to put a cage together then I came across your wonderful site and everything was there that I needed. It was easy and the products are so wonderfully made and wash up beautifully. He now has a second story loft with the potty tray in it and we’ll probably get a little buddy for him soon. I seem to spend a lot of time with him more than any of the kids. I never thought I’d love guinea pigs so much. Also, thank you for the lap pad, we love it. Look forward to buying more products.

Nevada City, CA

I got the Piggy BedSpread yesterday – it’s AMAZING! Thank you so much! I absolutely love it, and the piggies love it too. It’s very professionally made and both pretty and functional 🙂 I also really appreciate that you shipped it earlier than initially expected. I can imagine how much effort goes into everything you do. In the future, when I get cozies or other accessories, I will definitely order from you! Thank you so much.

Jana and Piggies
New York, NY

We are definitely happy customers! The difference in sound and smell is dramatic, and I am so glad I’ll never buy another bag of bedding again!! Something tells me that when we go to wash them the first time, I’ll be wanting to place an order for a 2nd set 🙂 My Daughter remarked upon seeing them out of the package was “Wow they’re even more beautiful than I had hoped!”. The time you spend on quality construction is evident in the seams, fit, and measurement for exact coverage.
The pigs are loving the new cage, and the big fat black one (Huxley, our new guy) actually has been roaming around, when normally he hangs in the blue dome. Our little speedy gonzales (Gumball) has been slowly walking from corner to corner, clearly “feeling out” the new texture.
Thanks again!

Richard and Lindsey (and Gumball and Huxley)
Cedar park, TX

I am about to order more Piggy Bedspreads…..but I wanted to write to you and tell you that these bedspreads have made my life so much easier! I have Fibromyalgia and using these bedspreads really helps me to keep them in a large cage (I have two girls in a 2×3) and at the same time not kill myself trying to keep their cages clean! I am also going to be ordering a few accessories for them, depending on what I can afford. 🙂 I just wanted you to know how much I have loved them.

Amy Jo
Lancaster, PA