Ami Glendale, AZ

I just wanted to follow up. We received our set up on Thursday, 2 days ago. I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or the adults. We immediately followed the instructions and began the first washing of the bedspread. We completed the construction last night and put the piggies in their new home. I can’t tell you how much my heart was warmed last night by watching them enjoy their new home. I call it their mansion. We have only had our piggies a little over 3 weeks and I knew as soon as we got them that the cages offered at the pet stores were not adequate living spaces for our new family pets which is why we started searching and ultimately found you. I cried tears of joy last night watching them frolic around their new home. Thank you for building an amazing product!

Cicily, Vineland, NJ

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with our new goodies! My family is new to guinea pigs. We read all about how great fleece was. I figured I could either make a liner myself for cheap or just lay out some fleece and be done. After only 2 loooong weeks, I realized there must be a better way. I ordered 2×5 and 2×2 bedspreads and a cozy curtain. Not only were my bedspreads MUCH easier to use, they looked awesome! The piggies were popcorning within minutes! My cozy curtain arrived in a separate shipment. After taking up our “hut” and placing the curtain, they began popcorning within seconds! I have to say, between the ease of use and the response of my piggies I realize the cost is well worth it! Thank you for the great products, and your timely response to my emails prior to my order, as well as your quick shipping! I will definitely be recommending your products!

Marcelle Santee, CA

I wanted to let you know what a happy Piggy Bedspread customer I am! I ordered 2 fleece bedspreads 3 months ago for my piggy Lily to give them a try. My 4 lbs Lily is a special piggy. She’s what is called a “cuy” mix that is more nervous and gets bigger than regular piggies. She has the nervous habit of drinking a lot of water, so Carefresh wasn’t cutting it (constant spot cleaning of wet areas). These Piggy Bedspreads are AMAZING! Despite her drinking problem Lily’s bedspreads actually last a full week! I do get a little help from odor remover spray to keep the cage smelling fresh, and since her poops are about twice the normal size I chose darker colors for the bedspreads which hide them nicely between spot cleaning. It goes without saying that Lily LOVES her fleece!!! She’s noticeably much cheerier, chattier, and active now that her cage is consistently dry, and now that I no longer make her nervous by constantly having to take out wet Carefresh from her cage. I LOVE the fleece because it’s such a breeze to spot clean Lily’s cage every day and doing the full clean every week, and because her cage is such a delight to look at. So I’m overjoyed, and just ordered bedspreads for my 2 other piggies!!!

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