Noodle Napper


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Luxurious Comfort!

Who doesn’t love a good nap?  The Noodle Napper is a reversible hand crafted bed that your guinea pig will love resting on.  The Noodle Napper is made of a layer of fleece noodles on one side, a thick layer of polyester batting, and a coordinating fleece fabric on the other side.  Fleece noodles provide an extra layer of support and comfort that your piggies will very much appreciate.

The Noodle Napper will quickly become your piggies favorite nap spot!

Approximate size: 10″ x 10″

Product Care

  • Wash on gentle
  • Dry on low to medium heat
  • Do not use any fabric softeners in wash or dry cycles
  • Click here for detailed care instructions

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