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Pure Piggie Comfort!

A Cozy Cocoon is a reversible, hand crafted hideout made of a warm, thick layer of poly foam between 2 layers of premium, soft fleece in the roof and 2 layers of premium fleece for the floor. The opening of the Cozy Cocoon is designed to stay open even after hundreds of washings. The Cozy Cocoon will keep your piggie or small pet safe and protected from drafts and cold temperatures during winter months. Your piggie, ferret, rat, hedgie or other small pet will love sleeping and hiding out in this cozy and attractive addition to your cage.
Large enough for one piggie, or 2 piggies who like to snuggle up close.

The Cozy Cocoon is available with an optional Piggy Pillow Insert which provides additional comfort for your precious guinea pig.

Single Cozy Cocoon size is approximately 13″L x 9″W x 7″H
Double Cozy Cocoon size is approximately 15″L x 11″W x 8″H
Single Piggy Pillow Insert size is approximately 12″L x 8″W x 1″H
Double Piggy Pillow Insert size is approximately 14″L x 10″W x 1″H

Product Care

  • Remove pear hooks
  • Wash on gentle
  • Dry on low to medium heat
  • Do not use any fabric softeners in wash or dry cycles
  • Click here for detailed care instructions

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