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Bedding Made Better!

A Super Pet Spread is a Piggy BedSpread designed to be used specifically with a Super Pet Cage.  They come in two sizes, Small (tray size 30″x18″ with 6″ sidewalls) and Large (tray size 40″x 18″ with 6″ sidewalls).  If the dimensions of your cage are something other than these, feel free to email us your cage length and width (both at the top and bottom of the tray) and we’d be happy to provide you a quote for a custom size Super Pet Spread.

A Piggy BedSpread is a washable, reusable, absorbent ‘bed-spread’ made of 3 exclusive components sewn together to create a custom fitted bedding system.  This bedding system is a great alternative to costly and consumable bedding products such as Carefresh, Pine shavings, or pellets.

*Note about Super Pet Cages*
These cages are best suited as travel cages.  The minimum recommended space for a single guinea pig is 7.5 sq ft.  Piggy BedSpreads work best with Cube and Coroplast cages (C&C Cages) because they provide enough space for your guinea pig to run laps daily.  If your guinea pig doesn’t have enough space to run laps and you have never seen him/her “popcorn”, then his cage is too small.

Layer 1:

A soft & colorful fleece wicks away urine from the surface into the absorbent layer below, keeping your piggies dry. This layer covers the cage floor and covers all 4 walls, inside & out, so your guinea pig can’t burrow under the bedding.

Layer 2:

A super-absorbent textile which absorbs 10 x it’s weight. We do not use cheap U-haul pads as do other copy cat systems. U-haul pads disintegrate in the washer and dryer. Our exclusive textile is durable and far more absorbent than any other product on the market such as flippers or liners.

Layer 3:

A premium grade waterproof fabric which prevents leaks and seepage into the coroplast tray. (Minor seepage could occur if the spread is not washed and dried on a weekly basis).

Benefits of Using Piggy Bedspreads

  • EASY to change!
  • Huge $$ savings compared to disposable bedding products!
  • NO more dusty wood shavings kicked on the floor!
  • Withstands hundreds of washings!
  • Colorful and stimulating! Did you know guinea pigs see in color?
  • Fleece and soaker layer are quilted together to prevent bunching when sweeping poops.
  • Keeps all droppings on the surface for easy clean up!
  • Simply sweep up poops daily.
  • Wash & dry the bedding weekly (see product care info).
  • PiggyBedSpreads reduce pet odor!
  • Your piggy will LOVE the soft & dry surface!
  • Makes your ho-hum cage a boutique cage!
  • No exposed coroplast means your piggies won’t chew their cage.
  • Piggies show their delight by pop-corning, running laps, and eventually sprawling out on their spread!

Additional information

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