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Tranquility on a Triangle!

A Happy Hammock is a reversible, hand crafted hammock made of two layers of premium fleece. One side is a delightful print and the other is a contrasting solid color fleece. This luxurious hammock will provide a relaxing spot for your guinea pig to nap on throughout the day. He/she will enjoy resting on or hiding under this comfy and attractive addition to your cage. You can adjust the height of the hammock to accommodate your piggy so that he/she doesn’t have to work too hard to hop into tranquility.

The Happy Hammock comes with 3 hooks that allow you to install it at the most appropriate level for your piggies. Please remove hooks prior to washing and drying.  Measures approximately 17″x 17″x 25″.

Product Care

  • Remove pear hooks
  • Wash on gentle
  • Dry on low to medium heat
  • Do not use any fabric softeners in wash or dry cycles
  • Click here for detailed care instructions

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