Clearance CenterTimothy Whiting

Clearance Center

Welcome to our Clearance Center where everything is on sale!  Here you will find deep discounts on Potty Pads, Lap Pads, Litter Liners and so much more.  What’s the catch?  We pick the fabrics and you get the discount.  Your items will be made using our choice of fleece.   It’s a fun way to surprise yourself and your piggies!

More clearance items coming soon!

 Potty Pads (Save 20%-30%)
Potty Pads

Lap Pads (Save 20%-30%)
Lap Pad


Loft Coroplast Trays (save over 20%)
1x2 C&C Cage Loft


Piggy BedSpreads (save over 10%)
Piggy BedSpreads

Midwest Piggy Liners (save nearly 20%)
Mid-West Piggy Liner

Happy Hammocks (save over 25%)
Happy Hammock

Cozy Tunnels (save a big 20%)
Cozy Tunnel

Cozy Cocoons (Save 20%)
Snuggle Cup

Cozy Curtains (save a cool 20%)
Cozy Curtain

Cage Mates (save nearly 20%)
Cage Mate

Tidy Nites (save a huge 25%)
Tidy Nite- Adult

Snuggle Cup (save a 20%)

Replacement Litter Liners (save a 20%)

Hagen Living World Spreads (save nearly 20%)

Hagen Living World XL with Royal Pig Piggy BedSpread

SafePet Spreads (save nearly 20%)

Super Pet Sockey Monkey