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A Clean, Fresh Start!

Has your coroplast tray seen better days? Add a fresh, new tray to your Piggy BedSpread order and have it delivered right to your door along with your Piggy Bedding and accessories! Your tray will arrive cut to size, scored and folded. Simply unfold the tray, fold up the four corners and tape in place with duck tape or packing tape.

Please note:  Other then the “Fits Midwest Cage” option, which obviously fits the Midwest Guinea Habitat cage, the tray sizes shown refer to the number of grids of your cage and the inside dimensions of the coroplast tray.  For example a 2×4 (27″x56″) coroplast tray is to be used in a 2 grid by 4 grid C&C cage whose inside coroplast tray dimensions are 27″ by 56″.

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