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Guinea Pig Breeds

by Jennifer Johnson Right now there are thirteen breeds of guinea pigs that are recognized by the American Cavy Breeders’ Association (ACBA). In this article, I’d like to highlight some of the more popular breeds, plus a few you may not recognize. The most popular...

Grooming Your Piggy

by Jennifer Johnson Many guinea pig owners wonder how much grooming is required for their pet. Do they need baths? How often should the nails be trimmed? Do they need to be brushed? The answers depend partially on the breed of guinea pig. Peruvians, texels, merinos...

Skin Mites and Their Treatment

by Jennifer Johnson One of the most common and easily curable health issues in guinea pigs is the appearance of skin mites. It is very easily recognized: Your guinea pig will scratch incessantly and begin to lose hair over a small spot at first. This bald spot will...

Featured Rescue

Your donation is very much appreciated. Help us to serve and find loving homes for the piggies in our care: Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue (OCGPR) was established in January 2008. Our mission is to provide homes to unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected guinea...

Stripping a Piggy BedSpread

Over time you may notice that your Piggy BedSpread smells bad even though you just washed and dried it. Or, you may notice that it doesn’t absorb urine as quickly as it once did. This is perfectly normal and means that your Piggy BedSpread has been working its...

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