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PC091054Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue (OCGPR) was established in January 2008. Our mission is to provide homes to unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected guinea pigs while educating the public about their care. We are located in lower Oswego County, but we have taken in and adopted out guinea pigs from all over Central New York.

Our rescue started with a father/son pair given to us as a housewarming gift over seven years ago. Over time, we have slowly grown to accommodate up to 36 guinea pigs at one time. Every animal that comes to us is evaluated for health and temperament before being considered for adoption to a new home. Many of our current guinea pigs are too old for adoption, and remain with us through their final years. We also do not adopt out any females that may be pregnant, or any that may be sick. If needed, they will receive vet care before going to a new home.

Our guinea pigs come from all different types of situations. The most common is that the animal was purchased as a pet for a child who lost interest. Other people give up their guinea pigs because of allergies, housing situations, lack of money, accidental litter, etc. They range in age from several weeks to several years old. All of them are treated as individuals; we get to know their personalities inside and out before they become candidates for adoption. Any guinea pigs we deem “unadoptable” will live out the rest of their days here.

We love to spoil our pets, so our guinea pigs get several servings of fresh produce a day, along with timothy hay. We also have an outdoor enclosure which allows them to eat grass and get some fresh air when the weather is nice! Our website/blog,, has information about bedding, food, medical issues, behavior, and more. You can see pictures of and read about our adoptable pigges, leave comments, and get all of our adoption and contact information. We set up appointments with potential adopters to come meet our piggies and see who is the best match for them and/or their family (in fact, we encourage as many family members to come visit as possible!). In the event that things don’t work out, we will gladly take back any of our adopted guinea pigs.

There is a growing movement of people adopting instead of purchasing animals from a pet store. If you are considering getting a guinea pig (or two!), we hope you will contact our rescue.

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