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Our Story

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Hello!  We are Tim and Martha Whiting from Baldwinsville, NY.  If you’re like most people, you’re wondering how we came up with the idea of Piggy Bedspreads.

Well, back in 2007, our 3 awesome kiddos convinced us to add 2 guinea pigs to our menagerie of pets.  So we marched down to the local family-owned pet shop and brought home 2 adorable piggies, along with 2 of everything a guinea pig needs to be happy, healthy and completely entertained.

Even though we bought the biggest cage the store had to offer, we soon realized, after adding igloos, chew-able bridges and tunnels, they hardly had room to turn around.  When they did scoot around in their cage, the pine shavings and droppings became airborne and landed on the carpet outside of their cage.  Talk about gross!  It wasn’t long before we were saying to each other, “There’s got to be a better way.”

Next we went on the internet and discovered all the benefits of Cube and Coroplast (C&C) cages.  They’re spacious, well ventilated, and offer easy access to your guinea pigs.  We found the components locally and made one for dear piggies, Sophie and Addie.  This solved the problem of limited cage space for our piggies, but we still had the issue of messy and expensive bedding littering our carpet.

 So, since necessity is the mother of invention, we set out experimenting with the idea of a washable, absorbent bedding.  Our guinea pigs became “guinea pigs” for the concept and we made several prototypes until we settled on a design based on ease of use and functionality.  The result was the world’s first washable, reusable cage bedding system,  the “Piggy BedSpread”.

After that, we created a full line of piggy products designed to make our piggies’ world more comfy and attractive.  As a result, Piggy Bedspreads revolutionized the way guinea pigs are housed and cared for all over the world.

Tim and Martha Whiting
Tim and Martha Whiting, Co-founders

Married for 27 years, Tim and Martha are the parents of three wonderful children, Pat, Abbey and Tom.  Over the years they’ve had the pleasure of being the pet parents of a menagerie of pets, which include seven guinea pigs, a Papillion dog named Riley, thirty two chickens, two turkeys, three snakes, two lizards, two cats and two rats.  Their years of caring for guinea pigs resulted in the invention of the patent pending, Piggy BedSpread.  In response to the ever growing demand for Piggy BedSpreads, Tim and Martha put together a team of people who care deeply about producing products that improve the quality of life for pets and their owners, alike.

Retiring from a Fortune 500 insurance company as a business analyst in 2014, Tim works full time at Piggy BedSpreads and brings his 26 years of expertise to the operation.  Tim is responsible for business operations, website management, customer service, and equipment maintenance, all while ensuring that things run smoothly and efficiently.

Retiring from her 23 year career as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 2010, Martha has devoted her time and creativity to producing products that improve the quality of life for small animals, while making life more convenient for pet parents.  The skill set she used to give the highest standard of care to her dental patients transferred over to her business in the form of products known all over the world for their premium quality and construction.  She brings a warm and professional approach to all that she does at Piggy BedSpreads.  Martha spends her day responding to emails, shipping orders, managing logistics for the shop, designing new products and stepping in wherever needed.


Chris K.
Production Coordinator

Chris holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the State University of New York and is the Production Coordinator at Piggy BedSpreads.  Truly a perfectionist at heart, Chris strives to get every order into production accurately and in a timely fashion.  He loves to set goals, accomplish them, and then set even greater challenges for himself.  We love Chris’s enthusiasm along with the fresh insight that he brings from the Millennial generation to our shop.

Georgina S.
Industrial Sewing Specialist

Georgina is a wife and mom of 4 awesome kids and balances her time between parenting, sewing and volunteering at a local youth group.  Georgina specializes in sewing Snuggle Cups, Cozy Curtains, and Safe-Pet Lids.  She has a Yorkshire Terrier who is full of life and a special member of her family.  She brings a warm and cheerful attitude to the shop along with a can-do attitude that makes time fly and work feel like fun.

Molly L.
Industrial Sewing Specialist

Molly holds a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Rochester.  Having put her scientific career on hold to raise 3 awesome children and their Havapoo pup, Bailey, Molly joined our team as a sewing/serging specialist.  Thanks to her scientific background, she is able to trouble shoot any equipment issues that may arise.  She specializes in all modes of serging, including Piggy BedSpreads, Lap Pads, & Litter Boxes.  Molly has a great sense of humor along with a vast wealth of knowledge, which when combined can keep us in stitches for hours.  We love her warm and generous personality along with her commitment to excellence.


Abbey W.
Industrial Sewing Specialist and Trainer

Abbey joined our team 2 years ago as a sewing specialist while she was pursuing her degree in Radiation Therapy.  While attending Upstate Medical University full time, Abbey manages to spend her spare time in our shop filling orders for Piggy BedSpreads.  With her expertise in sewing and trouble-shooting stitch issues, Abbey trains our team whenever a new technique is needed.  She is a dedicated, hard worker who brightens up the shop with her upbeat attitude and cheerful personality.  We are impressed with Abbey’s work ethic and dedication to excellence.  Abbey loves what she does and it shows in our products.  If you look closely, you’ll see love in every stitch!