Piggy PlaypensTimothy Whiting

Piggy Playpens

The Piggy Playpen is great way to give your guinea pig time to run around in wide open spaces. When your piggy has access to this much space you’ll be amazed at how much they really do run! Each Piggy Playpen consists of 12 grids that make up the circular pen which is approximately 53 inches in diameter. The Play Pen Mat is washable, absorbent, & waterproof to protect your floors. The Piggy Playpen conveniently folds up into a 14″x28″x3″ shape for easy storage.
On nice days, take the Playpen outside on the grass and allow your piggy to dine on fresh green grass and dandelion leaves. Please don’t leave your guinea pig unsupervised outside.

Notice – Piggy Playpens are designed for adult guinea pigs only.  They are not appropriate for juveniles.