Snuggle CupsTimothy Whiting

Snuggle Cups

New, improved and Larger than before!
A Snuggle Cup is a premium, reversible, hand made guinea pig bed featuring a more stable design than any other “Cuddle Cup” on the market today.  While most cuddle cups are made with batting in the walls, ours is made with a more stable fill.  This insures that the walls will remain upright and provide the support that your piggie deserves while relaxing.  Another feature you won’t find in typical, flimsy cuddle cups is a double layer of batting in the bottom.  Our Snuggle Cups have a layer of batting built in to the cup and also come with a removable round pad containing another layer of batting.  Simply the best guinea pig bed money can buy and your piggie deserves the best!
(approximate size 11.5″ wide x 4″ high)