Welcome to Piggy BedSpreads, home of the first and only fitted, washable, fleece bedding for your guinea pig’s cage!  Do you have a C&C Cage, Super Pet cage, or Midwest Guinea Habitat cage?  If so, you’ll find our bedding a sheer delight when you switch over from disposable bedding like pine shavings or Carefresh.  Or maybe you’re exhausted from flipping your high maintenance fleece panel system around and you’d like a one step solution.  Whatever the case may be, Piggy BedSpreads are the answer to your quest for affordable, convenient and attractive fleece bedding. To top that off, your guinea pigs will absolutely love the plush and dry feeling of fleece under their feet.

Our mission at Piggy BedSpreads is to make your guinea pig’s world better by providing premium bedding, unique accessories and C&C cages.  Now, get rid of those messy shavings and try Piggy Bedspreads, Its bedding made better! 

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What is a Piggy BedSpread and how does it work?

A Piggy BedSpread is an all-in-one bedding system consisting of 3 layers described below.  Each layer performs a unique function not found in any other washable bedding product.

Layer 1

The top layer of a Piggy BedSpread is made of premium, anti-pill fleece which wicks urine away from the surface into the absorbent layer below, allowing your piggies to stay warm and dry. This layer covers the cage floor and covers all 4 walls (inside & out) which prevents your guinea pig from chewing the cage tray or burrowing under the bedding.

Layer 2

The middle layer is a super-absorbent textile which is designed exclusively for absorbing urine.  It’s highly durable and won’t disintegrate like U Haul pads that are used in other systems.  This layer is quilted to the soft fleece layer above it which allows for easy sweeping up of droppings.

Layer 3

The bottom layer of a Piggy Bedspread is a medical grade waterproof fabric which prevents leaks and seepage into the cage.   This layer is unique to Piggy Bedspreads and allows for a more sanitary bedding system while reducing odor at the same time.