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A Stylish Place to Hide!

A Cozy Curtain is a fun & attractive way to create a hideaway for your guinea pig without using up precious floor space in your C&C cage. 2 adjacent sides of the curtain feature curvy cuts to allow your guinea pig to run through.  The other 2 sides are un-cut to provide more privacy.  Make the curtain playful by draping the curvy cuts inside the cage, or make it nap time by draping the uncut sides.  OR, do one of each and your piggy can decide what he prefers.

Your Cozy Curtain comes with 1 grid to snap into place in any corner of your cage. Then simply drape the curtain over the grid. It’s that easy! Now your ho-hum cage is a boutique, designer cage!

Cozy Curtains come in two sizes:
Small: Includes one 1×1 curtain and one grid.
Large: Includes one 1×2 curtain, 2 grids, and 1 connector. One of the wide panels features curvy cuts, providing a fun forest for your piggie to run through.  The other is un-cut to provide more privacy.

After you install your Cozy Curtain, watch your guinea pig explore his new hiding space. It wont be long before you’ll see him sprawled out & resting peacefully in his new haven.

Benefits of Cozy Cutains

  • Instantly beautifies your C&C Cage
  • Creates a larger hide-out than your typical igloo or tunnel
  • Less clutter in your cage
  • More room for your piggies to run and play
  • No hides to move when you clean your cage
  • Coordinates perfectly with PiggyBedSpreads
  • Creates a place for your guinea pig to feel safe and secure
  • Better ventilation than a small plastic hide or igloo

Product Care

  • Wash on gentle
  • Dry on low to medium heat
  • Do not use any fabric softeners in wash or dry cycles
  • Click here for detailed care instructions

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