Wheeky Treat Ball


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Wheeky™ Treat Ball

With just a little training (or maybe none at all!  Click here for training instructions), your adorable guinea pig can enjoy hours of fun and enjoyment with this colorful, adjustable treat ball. It is bright yellow with carrot images, and is 7 cm in diameter.  The adjustable opening allows you to select the right size for the treat you put inside. Your pet pushes the ball and food falls out, thus encouraging more play. Made of hard, durable plastic, this ball will resist the most persistent chewer. Great boredom buster for guinea pigs, rabbits and all small pets! Includes brief, easy-to-follow training instructions.

Here’s what people are saying about the Wheeky™ Treat Ball:

“We put a little extra guinea pig chow in this ball and put it in their cage. The girls roll it around with their noses and gobble up the treats that fall out.”

“I’m buying a second one of these because I have 2 house rabbits and only 1 of these and they can’t get enough of this thing. I just put their regular pellets in this and when they hear me shake it they basically go insane. One of my rabbits sits on it to hide it from the other one. The other rabbit will tend to push it into a corner so she can “hog” the treats.”

“I have bought every toy out there for my house rabbits and anyone with rabbits knows that it is usually the box that’s the bigger success. I can’t believe how CRAZY they go for this thing. Basically, I have to fill it and get the heck out of the way. BTW- my rabbits are both 9+ years old and one is partially disabled. They will still maul you if you are in the way of this toy.”


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