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Bedding Made Better!

A Cage Mate is a washable, reversible, absorbent pad/ liner featuring our super absorbent textile quilted between two layers of premium fleece.  Cage Mates are a flat pad that cover the bottom of the cage only and are super-easy to install.  This is an ideal option for cages where your coroplast has a higher back wall.

Cage Mates are designed for use with Cube and Coroplast cages (C&C Cages), but can be customized to fit almost any guinea pig or small animal cage!  This bedding is a great alternative to costly and consumable bedding products such as Carefresh, Oxbow Eco-Straw or Aspen shavings.

Don’t have a C&C cage?  Email us the length and width of your cage along with your zip code and we’ll provide you with a price quote including shipping.

Approximate dimensions:
1×2 (16″x29″)
2×2 (29″x29″)
2×3 (29″x43″)
2×3.5 (29″x52″)
2×4 (29″x58″)
2×5 (29″x73″)
2×6 (29″x87″)

Benefits of Using Cage Mates

  • EASY to change!
  • Huge $$ savings compared to disposable bedding products!
  • NO more dusty wood shavings kicked on the floor!
  • Withstands hundreds of washings (see product care info)!
  • Colorful and stimulating! Did you know guinea pigs see in color?
  • Fleece and absorbent layer are quilted together to prevent bunching when sweeping poops.
  • Keeps all droppings on the surface for easy clean up!
  • Simply sweep up poops daily.
  • Wash & dry the bedding weekly (or more often if you have multiple piggies).
  • Cage Mates reduce pet odor!
  • Your piggy will LOVE the soft & dry surface!
  • Makes your ho-hum cage a boutique cage!
  • Reversible for two great looks!
  • Guinea pigs show their delight by pop-corning, running laps, and sprawling out on their liner!

Loft Cage Mates

1×2 and 2×2 Loft Cage Mates are designed to fit a loft where the ramp comes up through the floor of the loft along the left side.  The ramp opening is 6″ wide and 8″ deep.  If you’d like to order a 1×2 or 2×2 loft Cage Mate without the cut-out in the floor to accommodate the ramp, simply indicate in the customer notes section at checkout that you do not want the cut-out in your loft Cage Mate.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in