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Belly up to the Bag!

The Hay Cafe is a fun new way to feed your guinea pig! Your piggy will enjoy nibbling hay through the Cafe windows which are reinforced with our exclusive grommets. These stylish grommets measure 1.25″x 3″ and are safe for your guinea pig to graze through. Made of a durable, waterproof canvas fabric, The Hay Cafe outperforms all other hay bags. Our hay bag won’t shrink, tear or stain like other hay bags and, the Hay Cafe is a great way to keep dust and pollen to a minimum. You will also love how neat and tidy it keeps your hay! Simply fill the bag up and clip on the inside of your cage. Available in 13 great colors to match any cage decor.

(Single Hay Cafe – approximately 10″x12″)
(Double Hay Cafe – approximately 10″x25″)

Product Care

  • Brush off hay fragments
  • Wipe with a mildly soapy cloth
  • Air dry

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